Spell Jar - Sexual Passion & Desire

Spell Jar - Sexual Passion & Desire

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Sexual Passion & Desire Spell Jar 

This spell jar is for consenting adults. I do not create love spells - only self love spells and love enhancing spells. This spell jar is for individuals that want to enhance their sexual passion within themselves or with their partner. 

These particular Spell Jars were created during the New Moon in Scorpio (November 15th) and as such were charged under it's moonlight to enhance its magical powers. As this New Moon focused a lot on emotions and sexual energies, I wanted to create a spell jar that was dedicated to it. 

  • Dried Red rose petals - for passion & desire.
  • Jasmin essential oil -  For sexual desire & libido enhancement.
  • Honey - to sweeten the mood.
  • Sugar - Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, to enhance feelings of desire.
  • Queen of the Meadow - For luck & wishes granted.
  • Black Witch's Salt - for protection & cleansing.
  • Sealed with a red candle - For sexual desire, passion, and sexual power within.