Spell Jar - Creativity & Happiness
Spell Jar - Creativity & Happiness

Spell Jar - Creativity & Happiness

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Creativity & Happiness Spell Jar 

This is a perfect item to keep with you during any creative endeavors or simply when you're feeling a creative block. It also carries a lot of happiness promoting energies, given the color, oils, and herbs that were used in its creation. 

These particular Spell Jars were created during the New Moon in Scorpio (November 15th) and as such were charged under it's moonlight to enhance its magical powers. 

Its contents include:

  • Yellow Rose Petals - to help promote inner warmth and memories of childlike nostalgia 
  • Wisteria - for wisdom, inspiration, and prosperity
  • Jasmin essential oil - for creativity, happiness, and prosperity
  • Ylang Ylang essential oil - to banish anxiety, stress, fear, depression, and sadness and to help promote inner peace and balance.
  • Pink Himalayan Salt - for abundance and centering energies
  • Black Witch's Salt - for protection
  • Sealed with a Yellow Candle - for confidence & visualization 

The reason I chose a lot of yellow for this particular spell jar is because this color reminds me a lot of Van Gogh. It was a color he used often in his work and I feel very drawn to that when I think of creativity. Yellow is not a color I gravitate to often, but when I do use it in my illustrations I feel it really helps make a piece *pop* and thought it would help promote that pop of creativity.