Spell Jar - Calming Intuition & Psychic Dreams
Spell Jar - Calming Intuition & Psychic Dreams

Spell Jar - Calming Intuition & Psychic Dreams

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Calming Intuition & Psychic Dreams Spell Jar 

This Spell Jar is helpful in a few ways, the first is that it promotes having a calm, relaxing sleep. The second, is that it can help aid in intuitive dreaming, so for example if you feel that your dreams sometimes tell you things, you can set the intention with this jar to have it help you focus more on those things. 

This spell jar is best used right by your bedside or under your pillow.

This spell jar, like all the spell jars I create, is jam packed with protective herbs & elements. I suffer a lot from bad nightmares, sleep paralysis, and just generally being uncomfortable when I sleep, so this kind of spell jar is helpful in those ways as well.

These particular Spell Jars were created during the New Moon in Scorpio (November 15th) and as such were charged under it's moonlight to enhance its magical powers. 

Its contents include:

  • Dried purple chrysanthemums - These flowers are known to work with spirit world. They are also associated with the sun, so imagine that these flowers are guiding you in the darkness of your dreams & subconscious. These flower are also known for their protection properties.
  • Wisteria - for wisdom & intellect.
  • Lavender essential oil - for stress relief, relaxation, calming sensation, and to ward off nightmares (protection). Lavender is also known to help aid in psychic endeavors if you add this to your intent when using this spell jar.
  • Ylang Ylang essential oil - to banish anxiety, stress, fear, depression, and sadness and to help promote inner peace and balance.
  • Chamomile essential oil - For tranquility, harmony, and protection.
  • Common Sage - For protection, wisdom & memory improvment.
  • Black Witch's Salt - for protection.
  • Sealed with a purple candle - For dream divination & psychic connection