Spell Jar - Comfort
Spell Jar - Comfort

Spell Jar - Comfort

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These Sell Jars were designed to feel like a warm autumn day, or a sweet embrace. Think of the sun beaming down on your face while you sit under a beautiful Oak tree, leaves falling all around you while you enjoy your favorite person's company. You don't have a worry in the world, just a warm feeling in the center of your chest. 

I struggle with depression and anxiety and wanted to create something I know would help me, personally. When I first thought of what a Comforting Spell Jar might be made of, I immediately thought of what makes me the most content feeling. It's the beginning of fall, when we're still enjoying the lovely warm breeze of summer's end, those long days when a bone fire in the backyard is easy and welcoming - the smile my daughter gives me as she runs about, collecting the leaves that have gently fallen onto the ground all around us. 

For you, it might be an entirely different feeling, but my hope is that my energy and my intention to create a happy/comforting feeling is embodied in these Spell Jars.  I feel strongly that these would benefit anyone that struggles with depression around this time of year - when the nights get longer and the days shorter - seasonal depression can hit some of us pretty hard. 

These particular Spell Jars have been charged under the Frosty Full Moon - this past full moon in Gemini on November 30th. The energy of this full moon influenced a lot of my feelings going into creating this specific Spell Jar. 

Its contents include:

  • Common Sage - For protection & cleansing.
  • Oak tree leaves - for resilience, courage, survival, joyous feelings, feeling grounded, mental well-being, and comfort.
  • Neroli essential oil - Drives away negative emotions, keeps the energies around you positive.
  • Ylang Ylang essential oil - to banish anxiety, stress, fear, depression, and sadness and to help promote inner peace and balance.
  • Black Witch's Salt - for protection
  • Sealed with an Orange Candle - for joy, happiness, and energy.