About Grey Days Girl

Hey y’all! I’m Melanie! Welcome Shop & Blog! 
As an artist, writer and witch, it was very important for me to have an area where I can express all of my creative endeavors.
With art I have been working as a professional for nearly 10 years. My goal in art is to shine light on dark topics - to touch the psyche and soul, while still being fun and playful. I love drawing character from shows and movies that mean a lot to me, as well as scenes and ideas that embody a sense of creepiness while still being lighthearted. 
I started my practice in the craft about 2 years ago officially, but have always considered myself somewhat “different” throughout life, trying to find connections in everyday experiences. After years of research and personal experience, I finally decided to truly give witchcraft a try. Since that day, it has been an overwhelmingly positive aspect of my life and I have been flourishing ever since. 
I consider myself a Grey Witch, but I don’t think that term describes my practice fully. I am constantly evolving and I don’t think I’m the kind of person, or witch, that likes to be suffocated by rules or guidelines.
My practice differs depending on the day, as I think it does for many witches. Some days I will focus on my Intuition, Divination, and strengthening my Third Eye. Other days I will be called to do more practical spell work, such as learning about Herbs, Spells, Potions, and Hearth magic. 
Intuition through Divination is one of my favorite ways to connect with my craft. I practice daily Tarot and Oracle readings. I also truly enjoy learning about Astrology, Herbalism and Spellcrafting.