Pumpkin Magic

The magic with pumpkins really starts when the seed for the pumpkin is planted. I say this because I watched as Kaelyn (my witchling) planted the pumpkin seeds with my boyfriend Andrew's mother and excitedly anticipated when they would finally be ready for harvest. Halloween is her favorite holiday and fall is my favorite time of year - so I too felt this excitement build up. The magic had already begun settling in my chest; the feeling that pumpkins give us during that creepy, cozy time of year.

The way her eyes lit up when we picked the pumpkins out for the house. Andrew’s mother always grows her own pumpkins so it’s such a treat for me to see and so magical for Kaelyn. We had such a nice moment talking about which ones we liked the most, how they made us feel, and how nice they were going to look on our porch and in the house. 

I could honestly have a million pumpkins in and around our home, even before getting into Witchcraft. I just loved pumpkins, both before and after they are carved or baked. After listening to the 67th Episode from the Witch Bitch Amatuer Hour podcast (yes, please check them out they are super awesome) I realized why I felt so good having them around. After listening to that episode I got so excited to try out some pumpkin magic!

The first thing I did was research more about Pumpkins and their Magical properties, so here is what I learned and what I want to share with you all:

Pumpkin Magical Properties:

  • Botanical Name: Cucurbita
  • Folk Names: Pumpkin, Winter Squash
  • Deities: Oshun, Hecate
  • Element: Water & The Moon
  • Sabbats/Seasons: Pumpkins are associated with autumn and Halloween, and particularly with the Mabon and Samhain festivals, as well as the Thanksgiving holiday (in the USA.)
  • Magical Attributes: Protection, Divination, Banishing, Prosperity; (Seeds) Fertility, Abundance, Wealth, Love, Wishes, Gratitude, Abundance, and Good Luck. 
  • Magical uses for the seasoned Witch: Necromancy, Opening Portals, Astral Travel, Psychic Development, Working with the Fae, Past Life Readings & Meditation work, & Curses/Hexes. 
  • Candle Colors: Orange, yellow & black
  • Crystals: Orange calcite, citrine, pyrite, heliodore, moonstone (if using pumpkins in moon magic, or white pumpkins.)

Before pumpkins, turnips were used to carve creepy faces to ward off old creepy Jack of the Lantern, as the Irish Legend goes. Jack of the Lantern was a stingy man who played his cards with the Devil and when he finally passed he was neither welcome in Heaven or in Hell and thus roams between Earth and the Underworld. People would carve their turnips to ward him and other negative entities off - eventually calling him "Jack o' Lantern" after time went on people found that pumpkin's kept for longer and used them in place of turnips. As Pumpkins are linked to limbo, the unknown, the dark, and even death - I feel that using a pumpkin or having a pumpkin close by when doing divination work would strengthen your bond between you and the spirit world.

Ways to use Pumpkin in your Practice:

  • Carve a pumpkin and place it at your doorstep to ward off negative entities - this also lights the way for your ancestors to visit you. 
  • Make a pumpkin sachet and place it around your home to drive away negative entities or energies.
  • Put your pumpkins near your altar, hearth, or doorstep and it will help attract prosperity within your home. 
  • Carve or draw sigils into a pumpkin to strengthen your intention for it. For example: a pumpkin by the fireplace can have a sigil on it meant specifically to bring warmth to your family during the coming month.
  • Bake a pumpkin pie to help promote prosperity, fertility, luck, and good fortune when baked with cinnamon & nutmeg.
  • Bake the pumpkin seeds to help promote good health, prosperity and to connect to yourself to the unknown. 
  • Save the pumpkin seeds to use them in spell bags, jars, and grind them into your black witch's salt for extra protection or when to help when you cast circles/practice divination. 
  • Use a pumpkin candle while doing a tarot or oracle reading (add a pumpkin scented incense or essential oil) to strengthen your bond between yourself and the underworld.
  • After the holidays, take your pumpkin out to your backyard and plant the seeds so that way you can have your own pumpkin's next harvest!
  • Use the seeds in salads, to promote health, prosperity and wealth. 
  • Use the stem to help strengthen your spells.
  • Use the pumpkin pulp in a face scrub or mask to help hydrate your skin - similarly it can be used on your hair!

A simple Pumpkin Spell:

The spell I did for Samhain was a prosperity spell, I used a small pumpkin for this and drew a sigil on the bottom of the pumpkin with my intentions for that pumpkin on my altar during for this time of year. 

October 31st is the first day of the thinning veil, which starts on All Hallows Eve and continues throughout November. My intention for this pumpkin was to bring messages and connections from my ancestors, to help guide me and my intuition when doing my readings. 

What you need:

  • 3 tea lights (either 3 white tea lights or 2 purple for intuition & hidden knowledge and 1 white for my ancestors/guides)
  • 1 pumpkin (large or small, I used small)
  • Pen, marker or tool to carve your desired sigil. I used a marker and made it on the bottom of the pumpkin.
  • Incense, something with cinnamon or pumpkin spice would be perfect for this spell as it will strengthen any of your spellwork.


  • Glitter for creativity (I added this to enhance my creative side, as I work a lot with illustration and other creative outlets)

After drawing or carving your sigil, light the candles and have them set out around the pumkpin. As you light each candle, think about what you want this pumpkin to represent on your altar.

Say out loud or to yourself: 

"I seek the knowledge and wish for the unknown
with the veil thinning, the spirit world is shown
guide me through times dark and dreary
with this pumpkin I shall see clearly"
Then "seal" your pumpkin with the wax from each of the candles. 

Sprinkle some glitter on top to enhance your creativity and magical feeling in the coming month!

 After you've finished, give thanks to your spirit guides and ancestors and you can leave your candles lit until they burn out.

I hope y'all enjoyed this little bit of pumpkin magic! Have a Spooky Samhain and Happy Halloween!

Salutations, Grey Days Girl